How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Black Screen Of Death issue Easy Ways

The Black screen of death on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a minor issue, unless the phone is at a strict level or dispersed for a long time in the water. Most of the time, this problem is due to system failure depending on how you use your phone or how many applications are running in the background.

I understand that Samsung Galaxy S9 works with very high specifications and a well-developed operating system, but it is not guaranteed that you do not have any such problem anymore. Since the start of the first Android phones, issues are timed out of time and most of them usually have to do with the power of the device to power. If you are one of the great tool owners and currently there is a similar problem, continue reading, as I will solve the problem of dead column problem with you.

Before continuing, if you received this post because you were trying to find a solution to your problem, we should see the Galaxy S9 issue solider page, because we usually reported the phone with the phone. Is. We have already solved some of the issues reported by our readers, so try to find similar issues with you and we use it. If they do not work for you and if you need more help, complete our Android issue questionnaire and click Send.

How to fix the black screen of Death in Galaxy S9

As mentioned earlier, BSD is very easy to fix. In fact, this problem is happening on Galaxy S8 and Note 8, but it always matters. When your Samsung Galaxy S9 comes down by itself and refuses to change and charge it, what to do here is:

Press and hold the button to reduce the volume and power key at the same time for 10 seconds or more.
Your phone will normally restart, because it will be used to remove the battery. This is a very effective solution for firmware failures and similar solutions. However, if your phone does not respond then, try to process it more frequently to make sure it's doing it correctly. Or, the better proof is:

1 Press and hold the button to reduce the volume first and do not release it.

Press and hold on the power key when capturing the button below 2 volume.

3 Put both keys for 10 seconds or more.
What is basically what you already did, just before you changed the phone before pressing the button to reduce the volume. Remember, pressing power will have no effect on pressing and holding the volume as you first do with the buttons below.

If the phone does not answer even then, before you return to the phone, the following procedure will be your last resort:

1 Charger Plugin in a Working AC Shop (Charger with Cable with it).

2 Connect the charger to the phone via the original cable.

3 Regardless of whether Galaxy S9 responded or not, it has been left for 4 minutes connected to 10 minutes.

4 Now, hold the button to reduce the volume and power key at the same time for 10 seconds or more, but at the time the device connects to your charger.
It is likely that the battery runs out or runs out, so your phone does not turn off. Allow you to charge the phone for a few minutes or just put it in your charger will give you a source of stable power. However, if the phone is in heat when connected to your charger, then disable it immediately.

If everything fails, you should take the phone to the store or service center so that Samsung's representative or technical work can review the device for you.

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