iOS 12 slow Here are 8 tips to speed up the old iPad iPhone

iOS 12 Slow Here are 8 tips aimed at speeding up the old iPad iPhone
The novelties of iOS 12 interest us a lot. Improved performance is the heart of iOS 12, such as the keyboard display, launching apps during heavy use, scanning to the camera, all this works faster than before. Most users benefit from this iOS update. However, some older devices are running slower or getting stuck after installing iOS 12 . So, the acceleration of your old device looks very necessary.
First of all, you can be aware of the details of common iOS 12 issues and solutions, then start this tutorial and we will offer you eight pragmatic and effective tips.
1.Restart old device on iOS 122.Reset settings3.Remove unnecessary data4. Disable background refresh5.Close unimportant features6.Open iOS 127. Reset your device8. Use this Acceleration Expert

Tip 1. Restart the device on iOS 12

Rebooting the device is a straightforward way to solve simple slowdown issues, since it can clean some temporary files or memory caches like system caches, photo caches, app caches, and so on. In general, you can: Press the upper button until the red cursor appears> Drag the slider to turn off the device.

If you are using iPhone 8/8 Plus / X, you can:

  • Press the volume up button briefly> Press the volume down button briefly> Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If you are using iPhone 7 or Plus, you can:

  • Hold down the side switch and volume down button for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

If you are using iPhone 6s or earlier model, you can:

  • Hold down the main button and the top or side button for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Tip 2.Reset settings

After restarting your old device, it still does not work well. Go to Settings, you can reset all and erase data, even network settings and operator services. Follow these steps: Open Settings> Click General> Press the Reset All Settings button.
Remember to back up your data on iTunes or iCloud before starting this reset. If you have already restored these default settings and forgotten the backup, you can use this PhoneRescue tool to find your deleted data efficiently.

how to reinitialize all settings

Tip 3.Remove unnecessary data

The small messages, the big videos already seen, the useless photos, the old books, all have bad effects on the functioning of your old device. It's a good way to manage and speed up your device suddenly. Refuse complex processes, you can try AnyTrans for iOS for free , this expert will give you a hand on removing unnecessary batch data in an intuitive and simple way.

Delete unnecessary data in batches

Tip 4.Disable the refresh in the background

Every day you get a lot of notifications and instant information, all this is the result of applications running in the background. Moreover, this greedy update could nibble your memory and make the device slower. This is why you can check the status of these inflated applications in Settings. Then click General> Go Down to Refresh the app in the background. And after, you can choose to allow the selected apps to refresh their content under wifi or disable them to extend the battery life and speed up the device as an example below.

how to disable the refresh in the background

Tip 5.Close unimportant features

Like all operating systems, iOS 12 also offers features aimed at improving a visual and operational experience such as transparency, animations, location services, etc. By enjoying the interface beauty and automatic manipulations, you need to know that the chip on your device will take the time to process these features.
So you just need to close these features in Settings: Go to Accessibility> Click Increase Contrast> Enable Reduce Transparency> Return to Accessibility> Enable Minimize Animations.
Moreover, to access to close the location services, find Privacy in Settings and disable this button.

Close unimportant features
Close unimportant features

6.Downgrader iOS 12 Board

Although iOS 12 is compatible with all iOS 11 devices, if the version of your device is so old that the update of the large, state-of-the-art version puts your device behind you, we suggest you come back iOS 12 to iOS 11. Know more details now: How to downgrade iOS 12 to iOS 11.4> .

Tip 7.Reset your device

After all your efforts, your device still works slowly, you can try an ultimate method-reset your device, it's a complete cleaning process, so remember to back up your important data to restore your old device more later through iTunes, iCloud, or the third most intuitive and effective method - PhoneRescue . You can also learn how to restore the iOS device without iTunes . and the trick of recovering iPhone X data from iCloud backup

how to restore the device without iTunes
how to restore the device without iTunes

Tip 8.Use this Acceleration Expert

For the acceleration of your device, do you want to clean all types of caches, large and old files, cookies, private data and navigation histories deeply and securely? You can consider this professional tool - PhoneClean , which brings you intuitive cleaning without clicks and without interruption. After this process, your device's performance is going to be at a whole new level.

Cleaning makes the device brand new and fast

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