Inbox by Gmail: Google unveils its smart mailbox

Last night, Google took everyone by surprise by unveiling its new mail service called Inbox . Created by the team in charge of the development of Gmail, this so-called intelligent inbox has mainly been designed to simplify the lives of those who are crumbling daily under an uninterrupted flow of electronic messages ...
Exploiting the capabilities of the Google Now Personal Assistant, Inbox can first highlight the important information in your messages by enriching them with the passage of additional data found on the Internet .
Inbox-GmailSimilar to Gmail's message categories, Groups will then allow you to group and archive your e-mails based on the topics or the correspondents involved.
Very practical, a reminder function will allow you if necessary to postpone the receipt of some of your emails by postponing their treatment to a later date / time and thanks to a system that will avoid you to forget them in a corner of your mailbox. Note that some practical information may be provided by Inbox at the time of receipt of these reminders.
Nice but to tell the truth, Google, which did not invent anything, actually contented itself with copying the concept imagined by the guys at MailBox whose future is now threatened by relying on the reliability of Gmail and bringing it in passing the power of Google Now.
Currently in the large-scale test phase, Inbox is for the moment only accessible on invitations. You can get a great deal by sending a written request to , knowing that at this point only Gmail addresses are eligible.
In the meantime, you can already download the Inbox app for iOS and Android through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store . Finally, note that an online version is also accessible using the Google Chrome web browser.

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