Fix ICloud Verification Problem Apple ID Verification Failed

The iCloud service is probably the best service for iOS users, even if it only provides 5 GB of free storage originally. This powerful feature allows users to back up and restore a variety of data on iPhone as well as share photos, videos, documents and more between different iDevices. However, one could also encounter issues when using iCloud. Depending on emails and publications, the iCloud problem can occur when you try to:
1. Manually / automatically back up iPhone / iPad;
2. Sign in to the iCloud account on another iDevice;
3. Configure " Family Sharing ";
4. Sign in iCloud after changing Apple ID;
5. Get the iCloud backup;
When this happens, there are three warning messages that you may encounter:
"Verification failed - the connection to iCloud has expired"
"The verification failed - unable to connect to the server"
"The verification failed - the request has expired"
Although there are three situations where verification fails on iPhone / iPad, the causes and remedies are similar. Now, let's learn why the problem occurs and how to solve it. Please read more.

Causes: Why can not you connect to iCloud?

1. The state of the network is weak. Access to the iCloud account requires to create a connection with Apple via the network. Therefore, please connect to a good Wi-Fi or use cellular data. In addition, do not use mobile internet in large buildings.
2. " iCloud Backup " is enabled in the original device. Therefore, if you have already enabled this feature on one device, but you are trying to connect to the iCloud account on another device, it could probably fail.
3. Your Apple ID is not recognized. Please check if your account and password are correct. If all is well and you still can not connect to iCloud, you should contact Apple for help.
icloud verification failed

Method 1: Connect your Apple ID to iCloud again

The best option to try (although you might already try) is logging back to your Apple ID. This is a simple and feasible tip that is worth trying.
Step 1. Launch the " Regalges " application on iDevice.
Step 2. Press " iCloud " and scroll down to select " Logout ".
Step 3. Confirm " Logout " and press " Remove from my iPhone (iPad) ".
Step 4. Enter the password and press " Disable ".
Step 5. Press " iCloud " and enter your Apple ID to login.
sign out icloud

Method 2: Connect to iCloud on the Web

If you can not connect iCloud to iPhone / iPad, you can try to connect to iCloud com on your computer. If you can not sign in to your account on the web, tap " Forget Apple ID or Password " to reset your password.

Method 3: Put iPhone / iPad Still on the Network

Check if your iDevice has been updated to the latest version. Go to " Settings "> " Software Update ". If it's a bug, then it's possible to fix it in the latest iOS.
update iphone ios 9

Method 4: Use a better Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet

If you find that the Wi-Fi network is idling too much, you must unplug it and connect to another Wi-Fi network. In addition, it is recommended that you try to use your cellular data. However, when it comes to using mobile internet, you need to make sure that the signal is good where you are staying.
wifi hotspot

Method 5: Reset Network Settings

If this does not work, even if you connect to another Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you can try resetting Network Settings on your device. No problem. This will not result in any loss of data.
Step 1. Open " Settings " and press " General ".
Step 2. Slide down and choose the " Reset " option .
Step 3. Select " Reset Network Settings " and enter your password if prompted.
Step 4. Confirm the attempt by pressing " Reset Network Settings " again.
reset network settings

Method 6: Disable the "iCloud Backup" Option

If the " Check failed " problem occurs when you try to connect to your Apple ID on another iDevice, you should check if you have already enabled " iCloud Backup " on an iDevice you are using. If so, it could be the culprit. Therefore, you must disable it or even disconnect from your Apple ID.
Step 1. Access the " Settings " application .
Step 2. Press the " iCloud " option .
Step 3. Scroll down and choose " Backup ".
Step 4. Disable " iCloud Backup ".
toggle off icloud backup
If you want to restore iCloud data, but can not do it, you can actually recover your content from iCloud. We are very happy if you share your idea below

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