How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy S9 and S9+

Turn on your Samsung galaxy S9 / S9 plus.
Go to the option of your Samsung S9 "application" icon and open settings.
Under Settings options, select About Phone, then select Software Information.
Scroll down the screen and build them many times as long as you see a message that "Developer mode is enabled".
Select the Back button and you'll see the Developer Options menu under Settings, and select Developer Options.
Once you have access to developer mode, you have many useful things you can do.

Enable USB debugging: If you are going to upgrade phone firmware, install custom ROMs, or attach the phone to Android drowning device.
Limit the background process: If you want to squeeze the maximum performance of the phone, you're running in the background that can limit the number of apps.
Speed ​​up device movements
GPS location fake

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