LG G7 ThinQ Stop Charging And Won't Turn On showing-question mark

Solution: If your LG G7 Thin Q is showing a question mark in a circle, it means that it is charging and all you have to do is wait until the battery has enough power to allow you reboot the system. If the battery had been fully drained, it may take some time for it to be charged. Wait for at least an hour before you attempt to reboot the device.

Use another cable and adapter
If the charging cable or adapter is defective, charging may become erratic or may not work at all. To see if there’s a problem with your charging accessories, try to use another set. If you know someone who has an  LG G7 Thin Q, use its cable and adapter to top up the battery on your device. You can also visit your local LG retailer so you can charge your phone using original accessories. Again, make sure to allow the battery to charge for at least an hour before you attempt to power it back on.

Forced restart
In case the device has become unresponsive, you want to reboot the system by simulating the effects of a “battery pull.” This won’t delete any personal data so it can be done safely. Forced reboot is the equivalent of physically removing the battery. While you can’t disconnect the battery from your LG G7 Thin Q, you can simulate its effects by doing a forced reboot. To do that, simply press and hold the Power and Volume down key for 8 seconds. This will force the device to shut down as if the battery has been disconnected, and then turn back on, as if you’ve inserted the battery again.

Charge thru a computer
Some users were able to revive their device that won’t charge after connecting it to a computer thru a USB cable. We suggest that you try it too to see if there’s any difference. Let the phone charge this way for at least an hour. Afterwards, do a forced restart and see what happens.

Use a power bank
Some power banks or portable chargers may provide the necessary energy to quickly top up the battery on your device. Try to see what happens when you charge your phone using this method. There’s no guarantee that it will work but it’s worth giving a try.

Boot to Recovery and reset
Restoring the software defaults of your device may help in fixing the problem. This can happen if the reason for the problem is caused by a software bug. To factory reset your LG G7 Thin Q:

1 Turn off the device.

2 Press and Hold-the ability-and Volume-down button.

3 When the LG brand seems, quickly unleash so re-hold the ability button whereas continued to carry the degree down button.

4 When the ‘Delete all user information (including LG and carrier apps) and reset all settings’ message seems, use the degree down button to focus on affirmative.

5 Press the Power button to reset the device.

6 If you can successfully boot the device to Recovery Mode and perform master reset on it, you’ll lose all data in the internal memory. This is expected in this case. There will be no way for you to save those data in advance so you’ll definitely lose them. There’s no way around this.

Get professional help
If the screen has become dead or totally unresponsive and you can’t do anything with the device, skip the suggestions above and allow a technician to examine it. Depending on the damage, the device may be repaired. If not, you’ll probably have to end up replacing it.

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