iPhone: by 2019, Apple would provide OLED displays for all its devices

According to a Korean media, Apple has already made the decision to use OLED screens on all of its range of iPhone coming next year. A news that is not really surprising ... And that has already dropped the stock price of its suppliers on LCD.

The OLED screen of the iPhone X.

What is Apple preparing for next year? IPhone with OLED screen meets the Korean site ET News , specializing in the reporting of gossip from the mobile industry. The latter claims that Apple has already begun planning the iPhone 2019 and would have made the decision to integrate OLED screens to all future devices.

Apple is already preparing new OLED smartphones for this year

The news is not really a surprise. We already know that for 2018, Apple plans to offer two iPhone with OLED screens. These are the successors of the iPhone X, the first would be a device of 5.8 inches and the second of 6.5 inches. But according to these rumors, Apple would also have in his cartons a third iPhone, cheaper, with a screen of 6.1 inches, but with a LCD panel. The All-OLED is not yet for this year.

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