Test Huawei Mate 20 Pro: the TOP of smart phones

Huawei Mate 20 Pro test: the TOP of smartphones

Huawei is an amazing brand ... a brand that deserves its place as leader in the global market as it happens, smartphone after smartphone, to always offer better. 
The Huawei P20 Pro is a frank success, and its sales confirm ... and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro  (reference LYA-L29) seems to be destined to the same success!
A Mate 20 Pro even better than its predecessor (the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in all logic), and even better than the P20 Pro so. 
This confirms that Huawei is clearly the manufacturer that offers the best ultra-high-end smartphones of the moment.
And for the price, no mystery, it is high: € 999.99 (maximum recommended price - Oct. 2018). 
But it will always be cheaper than the competing iPhone model.

The best offers of the moment:

1. Aesthetics: elongated format, all in elegance

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 01The first thing that strikes when you take the Mate 20 Pro is its elegance ... the fact that it is an ultra-high-end mobile. 
The type of smartphone that imposes, if only by its successful look, and its exemplary level of finish!
The second thing is that are format (related to its dimensions) is now lengthened. 
This is due to the transition from an 18: 9 screen (on the Mate 10 Pro) to a 19: 9 screen (on the Mate 20 Pro) with appearance of the notch.
As a result, the mobile is even easier to handle, seems (surprisingly enough) more compact than the previous generation. 
Still, it is extremely slippery, and exposed to the fall! I recommend you protect it with a hull.
Another extremely appreciated point on a smartphone is its tightness. 
This smartphone is waterproof IP68, and in fact, a fall at the bottom of the pool will not damage it.
On the color side, 4 choices are available: Black (Black), Navy Blue (Midnight Blue), Green-Turquoise (Emerald Green) and the iridescent color specially designed by the brand (Twilight).
  • Dimensions: 15.8 cm long x 7.2 cm wide x 0.9 cm thick | Weight: 189 grams.

2. Image and sound: the best of the market

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 05The screen of the Mate 20 Pro is in itself a perfect motive for purchase. 
And this is in my opinion one of the best screens on the market.
Notably for its size of 6.39 inches which offers a real "cinema" effect, as well as its curved sides (editor's note: who talked about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ?). 
Add to this that the technology used (OLED) provides the best contrast.
Another good point is a 2K screen. 
In fact, the image offered has a very high level of pixels per inch, and therefore a density just as high.
However, to enjoy it, you need 2K content to watch ... 
Fortunately this quality of video can be found on platforms such as Youtube.
The brightness is also a good point, this mobile reaching 680 nits (candelas / m²). 
Which makes it one of the best smartphones on the market.
The sound is also bluffing. whether it is the one carried by the earphone but also the mini-jack adapter or bluetooth. 
And as for the speaker, there are two of them ...
These speakers have the originality of being, on the one hand the earpiece, on the other hand out of USB-C! 
So the sound can be stereo, and it is powerful (up to 105 decibels) while remaining clear.
  • Screen: 6.39 inches (OLED) with 2K resolution (3120 x 1440 pixels), so a density of 538ppp.
  • Sound:  no mini-jack (replaced by a USB-C adapter). Double speakers.

3. Performance: the most powerful on the market

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 12Huawei opts for several years, on some of its models, for its own home processor. 
Because yes, Huawei also designs and produces its "CPUs".
The processor placed in this Mate 20 Pro is the most powerful ever designed by the brand, and it is also the most powerful on the market, above the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. 
This is the Kirin 980 endowed of 8 cores (2 x 2,6GHz + 2 x 1,92GHz + 4 x 1,8GHz) and whose energy optimization has been optimized.
Besides that, the temperature has also been the subject of a lot of work. 
Because not only is the processor engraved in 7nm, but it also has a heat dissipation system.
There is also a large amount of RAM (6GB of RAM), which allows this phone to operate smoothly, including multi-tasking / multi-window. 
And it seems that a version boosted to 8GB of RAM is also planned.
As for the storage memory, the 128GB (a 256GB version is planned) turn into 110.8 at the first start, and after the first updates. 
What to install all your games is applications, as well as embarking the 7 seasons of your favorite series and your library of several thousand mp3.
  • Antutu (v7): 268,800 points |3D Mark (Sling Shot Extreme):  3,555 points.
  • Processor: 8 hearts (Huawei Kirin 980) | RAM:  6GB | Graphics processor: Mali-G76 MP10.
  • Storage memory : 128GB of memory that turns into 110.8GB during the first boot.

4. Connectivity: the most comprehensive

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 17I think I can say that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the most complete mobile in terms of connectivity that I had the opportunity to test. 
"All", this mobile has all the connectivity available on a smartphone (except the radio).
In fact, the 4G LTE is based on all the frequencies used in France with the B1 / B3 / B7 / B20 and B28. 
And this, with the highest possible speeds: Cat. 21, up to 1.4Gb / s.
This Mate 20 Pro also has 2 slots for sim card, nano format. 
The hatch is located on the lower edge of the phone.
There are also other essential standards, such as: WiFi (a / b / g / n / ac), bluetooth (5.0, aptX HD, etc.), USB-C (3.1), etc. 
And the navigation chip and probably the most accurate at the moment, and exploits all available satellite networks: aGPS / GLONASS / BDS / Galileo / QZSS.
Note that during the press event, Huawei introduced its new proprietary format of memory card. 
Thus, finished the microSD according to the Chinese brand, and welcome to the "nanoSD" card, which allows to add up to 256GB of capacity (currently - Oct. 2018 - unavailable commercially).
Once again, no mini-jack port here, but a USB-C / mini-jack adapter. 
Note that the headset supplied with the mobile phone has a USB-C connector.
Augmented reality / virtual reality enthusiasts will be happy and satisfied. 
Because here too, all the sensors (compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.) are present.
Finally, security side, this mobile can be protected by password, scheme, etc. 
But also via 2 other functionality, on the one hand the "face unlock" (with a detection of 30 000 points) and the fingerprint sensor located under the screen!
And let's face it that these 2 sensors work perfectly! 
Unlocking is fast and effective, regardless of the functionality used.
  • SAR (Specific Absorption Rate):  0.4w / kg head (0.96w / kg body). This is a very good score for a mobile of this category, designed and marketed in 2018.

5. Operating system: up-to-date and overworked as always

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 15Huawei has opted for the latest version of the Android operating system. 
We have here the version 9.0 "Pie" (note: and that most worried are reassured, this mobile will be surely updated in version 10 in 2019).
A complete, efficient and mature system (it has been several years that Android has become the best system on the market and in my opinion, the most efficient). 
And on this system, Huawei has added its overlay house: EMUI 9.0 (for Emotion User Interface).
So here we have a very "Chinese" system, with no depth of navigation (by default, no application trolley). 
Wallpapers, icons, ergonomics ... completely customized by the Chinese giant.
We also find all the Google applications offered in the G. Apps package. 
And some partner applications not really useful, and frankly (example: Booking, eBay).
Still, this is a nice system, the overlay is not excessive and does not drown the user under hundreds of unnecessary applications and special effects.
  • Operating System:  Android 9.0 "Pie" |  Overlay : EMUI 9.0 (Emotion UI).

6. Usage: excellentissime

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - view 10The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is an excellent mobile capable of doing anything you want, and meet all uses, be it productive, office, fun, multimedia. 
It's the perfect smartphone that allows you to do Excel spreadsheets, read emails, go to Snapchat / Facebook / Twitter, and finally get to PUBG or Fortine, and listen to your favorite Youtube playlist.
But that's not all ! 
There are two other aspects on which this mobile excels again.
On the one hand the photo quality, it is the best photophone of the moment. 
The reason is related to the panoply of photo sensors on this phone!
The 3 backbones benefit from common advantages such as laser-assisted autofocus, or artificial intelligence based on 1500 pre-defined modes. 
In addition, there are optics designed in partnership with the leader Leica ...
We have a 40MP dorsal sensor that can take a beautiful portrait and also goes as far as to take macros 2.5cm away from the object. 
An 8MP sensor with optical zoom
x5x3 to allow you to take distant pictures (example: landscapes). 
And a 20MP wide angle sensor, useful for group photos for example.
And the 24MP front sensor is not left out either. 
It offers an impressive photo quality for selfies.
On the other hand its autonomy it just bluffing! 
One hour of video consumes between 8 and 10% of battery only! Never seen by TopForPhone.
In fact, this mobile perfectly manages to hold 2 days before recharging. 
Note that if this autonomy is exemplary, it is largely thanks to the OLED screen, the processor and its automatic adjustment of performance, the management mode of energy consumption, etc.
And if that is not enough, Huawei inaugurates here several functions related to the recharge. 
On the one hand, this mobile is equipped with fast charging recharge up to 40w. Thus, going from 0 to 70% takes only 30 minutes
But the Mate 20 Pro can also charge another mobile (yes, yes!) That would also have wireless charging. 
A wireless charging that the Mate 20 Pro makes compatible here with its new wireless fast charger 15w (optional).
  • 1:  40MP back camera with f / 1.8 aperture. See a sample photo .
  • 2: 20MP back camera with f / 2.2 aperture. See a sample photo .
  • 3:  8MP dorsal camera with f / 2.4 aperture, x5 optical zoom and stabilization. See a sample photo .
  • Front camera:  24MP with f / 2.0 aperture. See a sample photo .
  • Battery:  Non-extractable of 4200 mAh. Fast charge up to 40w. 1 hour of video will consume 8-10% of energy.

In conclusion: the best smartphone 2018

Look no further, do not look! 
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the best smartphone of the moment, even better than the Huawei P20 Pro.
A mobile that detracts all competitors and comes to take the place # 1. 
And this, whatever the use.
However, all this at a cost. 
And although this smartphone is light years away from the excesses imposed by the brand to the apple, we are still on a launch price of 1000 €.
In fact, it is a mobile that is not intended for all purses (unless your banker is very nice, or you opted for an operator fee of 50 € and more per month for 10 years ... ). 
An excellent mobile, which will keep you years (if you do not make it fall!) And that will bring you total satisfaction. I am committed to this point!
  • The most:  everything ... or almost.
  • The least:  nothing ... or so we must quibble.

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