How To Update The Software On A Mac (mac-OS To High Sierra)

How to update the software on a Mac

1. Check the compatibility of your Mac
Verifying the compatibility of your Mac is one of the most important things you must do before starting the update process. If you upgrade Mac to MacOS incompatible, you may experience some problems. For example, Mac does not finish the startup process, applications close unexpectedly, etc.

Make sure your Mac model is one of these:

MacBook (late 2009 or newer)
MacBook Pro (mid-2010 or newer)
MacBook Air (late 2010 or newer)
Mac mini (mid-2010 or newer)
iMac (late 2009 or newer)
Mac Pro (mid-2010 or newer)
2. Data backup
Do not start the update process without making a backup of your data first. This is the most essential part of the "How to update the software on a Mac" guide. You can back up the data using the Time Machine hard disk, the third-party hard disk or an external disk.

3. Check the storage

How to update the software on a Mac (macOS To High Sierra) 1 Make sure you have at least 14.3GB of available storage and 2GB of memory on your Mac. If you are upgrading macOS to High Sierra on the MacBook series, be sure to plug it into the AC power

4. Internet connection
Some macOS update problems occur because the Internet connection is slow or unstable. To avoid these problems, make sure you have a dedicated Internet connection.

5. Download and install macOS High Sierra
After performing all the steps mentioned above, you can perform the download and installation process with confidence and security. These steps are the main part of the process "How to update the software on a Mac". You can download macOS High Sierra through the App Store. This is the easiest way.

Start App Store from the home screen or using Spotlight. If you are on the browser screen, click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and select App Store.
Click Update on the top toolbar of the App Store window, wait a few seconds and you will see Software Update.
How to update the software on a Mac (macOS To High Sierra)

Click on the Update button to download macOS High Sierra.
Once you have finished the download process, click Continue and follow the instructions on the screen.
You may need to enter the administrator's username and password.
Congratulations! The update process is done. Now you can enjoy macOS High Sierra on your Mac.

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