Fix Maximum Number Of Free Accounts Have Been Activated on This iPhone

Apple has been infamous for implementing restrictions on all its ecosystems such as iOS and Mac OS X. However, to keep the operation on an Apple device such as the iPhone, iPad or Mac computers easily and safely at the end of the user, they had to maintain these restrictions; Well, Apple's commercial concerns are also involved. An example of these bars is the limit of the use of the iCloud account in an Apple account. With an Apple ID, a user can open only three iCloud accounts at most. If someone tries to add a fourth account, the error mentioned above will be displayed as a request message and the user will not be able to do so.

Maximum free activated iPhone accounts
Why is there a limit to the number of free accounts?
Apparently, the maximum number of iCloud accounts allowed under an Apple ID had to be configured to restrict an Apple user from obtaining unlimited iCloud storage space for free. Each iCloud account is entitled to a particular quantity of storage with none payment, for more, there are few payment options. Although it is not very relevant, since three iCloud accounts allowed with an Apple ID share the same amount of data storage space, only Contacts, Calendars and Notes get individual storage space. That is also broad, so Apple had to pull the chains for the sake of reserving resources on their servers.

Maximum number of activated free accounts for iPhone
Unable to login. The maximum variety of free accounts are activated on this iPhone
However, the error could arise even if you are using a second-hand iPhone and the previous iCloud credentials have not been removed from the configuration. In this way, not only do you get an unnecessary restriction to create iCloud accounts, you are also risking an iCloud block; This could happen if the previous owner marks the iPhone as lost or purloined by mistake or on purpose.
Do not worry because the solution to this error is available and does not require advanced level technical expertise. All that is required is an Internet connection and the device with which you are having problems.

For Windows computers
To solve the problem of the maximum account reached on an iOS device, p. Eg iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the user must log in to their iCloud account using an Apple ID on the computer, through the iCloud software for Windows. The iCloud control panel software is available on the iCloud website, and is a program for free distribution. The hyperlink provided even provides a guide for installation,

in case you do not get our brief explanation.
Set the maximum of activated free accounts for iphone
Log in to the iCloud account on the Windows computer
Once installed, log in to iCloud with your Apple credentials and log in to your iOS device with the same credentials as well. The iPhone would detect the login as a previous login of the Apple account, and the maximum limit of free accounts would be removed for its Apple ID that it just used.

For Mac users
Maximum number of free accounts activated in icloud
Log in to the iCloud account on the Mac OS X computer
Mac users do not need to download iCloud since it is within system preferences. Log in with your Apple credentials as in the Windows procedure mentioned above, and the output will be the same.
Conclusion: in case your device shows the message "the maximum number of free accounts has been activated", you must perform the tasks as explained.

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