Face ID Disabled on iPhone X / XS / XR 4 Ways Fixes

IF face id is disable on iphone x xr xsmax so thats arti for you Talk about the seriousness of the problem and recommend viable solutions. Users and technology experts expected some flaws in this technology since it was first introduced on the iPhone X. But when facial recognition stops working on an iPhone, it poses a serious problem.

the identification of the face has been deactivated

In addition, Apple displays this message on the screen: a problem was detected with the identification of the face. Go to Settings for more information. So, what is the resolution?

How to fix the identification of the face has been disabled the error on the iPhone X / XS / XS MAX / XR?
iNFINITYBOOT has already listed some alternative solutions for Face ID that do not work on the iPhone X. But this problem is a bit different, since the iPhone Face message is disabled. The problem was highlighted for the first time by a Reddit user called "sososodeaf". What is interesting is that the problem is associated with the TrueDepth camera of the device, although Apple Store says that it is the problem with the TV and the wide rear lenses, not the front camera.

Step to address the identification of the face Bas has been disabled error
You can try the steps below to solve the face identification problems on your iPhone before visiting an official Apple repair center.

1. Restart / Restart iPhone X / XS / XR
A soft reset or restart of the device solves many problems. Although the hardware failure of Face ID is no small thing, you should definitely try to restart to see if it solves the problem.

reset the face identification on the iphone

2. Perform a hard reset
Do a complete reset of your iPhone X by following the steps described in this link. If you are lucky, this can solve your problem.

3. Remove the identification of the face and opt again
Face ID uses the "TrueDepth" camera and, if it is a problem associated with the camera, you should not remove the Face ID. But you can eliminate it as an experiment to solve the problem. GO TO SETTING FACE ID ENTER PASSWORD AND RESET
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correct the identification of the face has been disabled

Once it is restarted, you can configure it again.

4. reset all setiings on iPhone x xr xs
If the problem has not yet been resolved, try "Reset all settings" on your device. Go to Settings> Scroll down, touch "General," and touch "Reset" and then "Reset all settings." However, if the iPhone X faces a hardware problem, you will have to visit an Apple store to enable the face ID again.

Fix the identification error of the iphone face

Follow the steps above and, hopefully, you can get Face ID facial recognition on your device again.

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