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Whether you're taking photos with a compact camera or shooting with a SLR, it's not always easy to get the bottom line. For decades, our innovative image stabilization technology has allowed photographers and video makers to stop worrying about natural shakes. This unwanted tremor can be a real problem when zooming or focusing on a distant point, or when traveling more or less fast on foot when making a video.
Regardless of the camera used, here are some simple tips for getting sharper shots without a tripod. Start by blocking your left elbow against your abdomen to hold the camera steady and secure. Adopt a strong and comfortable posture; to do this, keep your legs slightly apart, one in front of the other. Hold your camera tightly to limit movement and make sure to align the vertical and horizontal lines of the subject with the frame, especially when walking.
Our latest cameras feature an intelligent 5-axis image stabilizer, which adapts to the scene being photographed or filmed to ensure sharpness even at low light or maximum zoom. The Dynamic IS system provides excellent image stabilization for filming camera by hand while walking or running

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