Canon revolutionized the workflow of transmission with the new camera compatible with XF705 XF-HEVC

Paris, September 12, 2018: Canon Europe today launches the XF705, a brand new model from the Canon XF camera range. Based on the next-generation XF-HEVC recording format, the XF705 supports 10-bit 4K 50P 4: 2: 2 UHD recording on SD memory cards with impressive image quality, especially in unpublished details. Developed around a CMOS sensor type 1.0 and a DIGIC DV6 processor, the Canon XF705 provides high performance in electronic noise management and sensitivity for cinematic rendering. With its wide range of HDR capabilities, including the advanced 12G-SDI interface and IP-based broadcast, the XF705 will revolutionize UHD HDR television production.
Versatile file formats
Canon has developed the XF-HEVC file format based on video compression by the HEVC high-efficiency codec on the one hand, and the MXF container format, which is currently booming in the video industry, on the other. The HEVC offers a new encoding technology that is twice as efficient as H.264 / AVC. By adopting the XF-HEVC format, the XF705 streamlines the management of 4K UHD data and provides the ability to record 4-bit, 4-bit, 10-bit UHD 4K 50P video files directly to SD cards.
The Canon XF705 is also capable of recording HDR files internally in both HDR Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantation (PQ) formats. This camera also offers extensive HDR support functions to assist the operator in controlling exposure. On the other hand, the XF705 can output an SDR signal at the same time as it records an HDR file on an SD card, thus paving the way for simultaneous HDR / SDR production. Equipped with an advanced 12G-SDI interface that allows sending a high quality, uncompressed UHD 50P signal over a single SDI cable, the XF705 also supports UHD 4K HDR broadcasting. using the HEVC format. Ideal for video and television production applications,
For confident filming
To make it easier to focus on the depth-of-field features offered by its large 1.0 CMOS sensor, the XF705 incorporates Canon's exclusive dual-pixel CMOS autofocus system. This system provides fast and accurate focusing, managed by touch AF control, AF with face detection and subject tracking functions. Dual-pixel focusing also includes a graphical guide that assists the operator for high accuracy when they want to focus manually.
The success of recording good images depends primarily on the excellence of an optical system. The XF705 has been equipped with a very high quality lens which is associated with incredible versatility and ease of use. This Canon 4K L-series zoom covers a focal length of 15x for a maximum aperture of f / 2.8. Its wide-angle focal length is 25.5 mm and it incorporates a high-performance image stabilizer for high stability of UHD 4K sequences. Ergonomically, this zoom has three independent control rings (focusing, zooming, iris) to offer operators the level of manual control that professionals expect.

  • UHD / 50P 4: 2: 2 10 bit compatibility with XF-HEVC
  • HDR Compatibility (HLG / PQ)
  • Internal recording on SD cards
  • 12G-SDI and IP streaming
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF, accurate and reliable
  • 15x L-Series zoom with true wide-angle

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